About Verdant North

Verdant North is comprised of several rad people who are good at what they do, and are sharing their talents to produce this blog and it’s podcast. It’s our goal to inspire foodies, mixologists, DIY landscapers, and people passionate about pollinators to give growing something a try. Make a rad outdoor room to BBQ, kick back with a cocktail, and enjoy the bees!

Content Talents:

Caroline Hallstrom – Biologist and plant freak from Rapid City, South Dakota. Caroline has been blogging for 4 years, and gardening for 25. She raises monarch butterflies, and eats a metric ton of tomatoes every year. She has been gardening in her own yard and spread to all her friend’s yards to get them into growing great stuff. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she hosts the Verdant North podcast with a smile and a good buzz. She tweets @miss0line and has insta by the same handle.

Dan Hudson – Who is Dan Hudson? That’s a great question. Biologist and Master Gardener. Dan brings his patio balcony gardening experience, and Master Gardener training to the table to offer up advice on bugs and veg, as well as where to start in your landscape. The official co-host and beard of Verdant North. Dan isn’t on social media much, so to contact him use standard smoke signals.

Nicki Lyons – Certified Spirits Specialist with a tongue that knows booze and flavor! As our very own Mixologist, Nicki helps us craft awesome cocktails using fresh botanicals grown right here in our gardens. You can catch her escapades on instagram: Novemberblu83 


Randy Barrett – In prior lives, Randy Barrett has been a news producer for South Dakota Public Broadcasting, part of the production and on air fundraising teams at Vermont PBS and former host of the Scattered Podcast. Recently moved from Burlington, VT to Minneapolis, MN, you can still hear Randy on the Scattered Podcast as a regular ol’ member or see him running around at the University of Minnesota Law School. Being a part of Verdant North is a continuation of Randy’s desire to help produce local, independent media that is driven to inform and entertain.

Cory Hartung – Hailing from Hoven, South Dakota, Cory is the strong silent type. Well, at least the silent type. Cory is our Web Wrangler, Technology facilitator, and Internet liason. Official CTO of Verdant North. Cory supports our endeavors, edits our sentences, and politely laughs at our unfunny jokes. What a guy! If you’re in need of web work, or have life questions, you can contact Cory here: CoryHartung


Duy Vu – Graphic Designer and totally talented foodie straight out of St. Cloud. I give Duy food I grew, and he turns it into magic for your mouth. Duy designed the font and several logos for Verdant North.

Bri Ettestead – This beauty with brains hails from Duluth. Scientist by trade, cat mom/video game junkie by night and multimedia artist by… sometimes. Bri is the talent behind the Verdant North watercolor logo. Bri does work for commission, and you can see her fantastic nerdy stuff and her cat on instagram! briettestadart


Theme Song: Dreams of Jerry Lewis by Volkanus
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WARNING: It’ll rock your butt off.

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