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Episode 2 recap is here is here!
Spirits Specialist Nicki Lyons tests out her yet to be named cocktail of the summer. (It is delicious. Trust us.) It includes Lime, clove, anise, and vodka. A bit of a big gimlet.
Here’s the break down on the drink:
1oz lime juice
1oz simple syrup
Add about 6 parts of water but this can be adjusted to taste.
Add 3/4 oz Absolute Citron
3/4 Absolute Lime
Pernod (Pastis- anise flavored liquor)
Serve with a stick of Rhubarb to garnish!

Kimmer asks: Last couple of years I’ve found caterpillars in my parsley, what can I do to really encourage more butterflies in my yard?

Dan answers- Flowers with nectar attract butterflies and butterflies are most active mid to late summer. Look for simple flowers that bloom all season or mid to late summer, and group similar colored flowers together to make a big visual signal to butterflies. Try these types of flowers: Annuals include marigolds, impatients, phlox, verbena, Perennials asters, bee balm (monarda), yarrow, sedum, butterfly weed and purple cone flower. Wildflower/prairie choices include: Black eyed susan rudbeckia, blazing star liatris, boneset, coreopsis, goldenrod, Jopye weed, nettles, clover flowers and thistles are all great wild flowers.Trees are often hosts to caterpillars too: Cherry, aspen, poplar, oak and more!

Caterpillar host plants to add to your garden to attract butterflies to lay eggs because the babies don’t drink nectar, the caterpillars eat leaves. For black swallowtail Butterflies, plant carrot family flowers: parsnip, dill, parsley, queen annes lace, cow parsnip. Kimmer- plant a ton of parsley!

For Monarch butterflies, plant milkweed. Check out swamp milkweed for a tall beautiful variety. Other flowers from the asclepia family like butterfly weed would be great too.Butterflies are cold blooded, so they are attracted to somewhere to BASK like a perch or a rock while they warm their bodies.

All creatures need water, so bird baths and insect baths for your butterflies would be really helpful! You can put a shallow dish with rocks to perch on and water to drink would be ideal!

Check out the awesome kaleidoscope display at the arboretum for an awesome way to experience annual plant colors! Here’s a link to the display:¬†http://www.arboretum.umn.edu/GardensOfKaleidoscopes.aspx

Jesse asks: Is it hard to grow veggies in pots? I’m new and I need help!
Caroline suggests checking the back of packages or signs on plants for key words that say “great for patios” “good for containers

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